Welcome to the i* Tools Site

As part of the efforts of various current and former researchers at the University of Toronto, we have developed tools to support goal modeling: OpenOME and OME.

Both the OpenOME and OME tools allow users to draw and analyze goal- and agent-oriented requirements models (i* models) as part of a model-based Software Engineering Methodology.

OpenOME is an open-sourced, Eclipse-based i* modeling tool. Development on the tool is ongoing. See the OpenOME site for more information, including download information. For development information see our Trac Wiki.

OME is a close-sourced, java-based goal modeling tool. Development on this tool ceased in 2004. The tool is availabe free for download, but requires users to sign a licence. See the OME site for more information.


Example i* Model Created in OpenOME

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