Fahiem's reading group

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We are interested in papers related to various forms of constraint programming.

To join the mailing list, please email Alexandra (alexia at cs). Everyone is welcome to join, but those who attend should participate. Every week one of us will lead the discussion on that week's paper, and everyone will be expected to take a turn.

We are currently meeting in PT378, time TBA

Choosing the next paper

Here are the suggestions:
Explaining flow-based propagation. Nicholas Downing, Thibaut Feydy, and Peter J. Stuckey. CPAIOR'12

Propagation via Lazy Clause Generation. Olga Ohrimenko, Peter J. Stuckey, and Michael Codish. Constraints.

New Clause Learning Scheme for Efficient Unsatisfiability Proofs. AAAI '08

Lazy Explanations for Constraint Propagators. Ian P. Gent, Ian Miguel, Neil C.A. Moore. PADL'10

SDD: A New Canonical Representation of Propositional Knowledge Bases

Trap avoidance in local search using pseudo-conflict learning. Duc Nghia Pham, Thach-Thao Duong, and Abdul Sattar. AAAI 2012

Comprehensive Score: Towards Efficient Local Search for SAT with Long Clauses. Shaowei Cai and Kaile Su. IJCAI 2013

(If I can get my hands on it:) Weight-Enhanced Diversification in Stochastic Local Search for Satisfiability. Thach-Thao Duong, Duc Nghia Pham, M.A.Hakim Newton, Abdul Sattar. AAAI 2013

Paper List

June 26: Discussion led by Alexandra, on the following paper:

Solving QBF with Counterexample Guided Refinement. Mikolas Janota, William Klieber, Joao Marques-Silva, and Edmund Clarke. SAT'2012