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Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science

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All exercise submission will be done electronically, using the MarkUs system. You can login to MarkUs using your CDF login and password.

To declare your group members, one of you needs to invite the other to be partners, and then the other student needs to accept the invitation. To invite a partner, navigate to the appropriate Assignment page, find "Group Information", and click on "Invite". You will be prompted for the other student's CDF user name; enter it. To accept an invitation, find "Group Information" on the Assignment page, find the invitation listed there, and click on "Join". Remember that, when working in a group, only one person must submit solutions.

To submit your work, again navigate to the appropriate Assignment page, then click on the "Submissions" tab near the top. Click "Add a New File" and either type a file name or use the "Browse" button to choose one. Then click "Submit". You can submit a new version of any file at any time (though the grace day reduction applies if you submit after the deadline)—look in the "Replace" column. For the purposes of determining grace days, the submission time is considered to be the time of your latest submission. After all grace days are used, late assignments will not be marked.

Once you have submitted, click on the file's name to check that you have submitted the correct version. Remember that the names of the files you submit must be exactly as specified (including the case of the letters).

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