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Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science

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Announcements (sorted with most recent first)

(Aug 9) I will hold office hours next Monday 4:30-5:30 in the Help Center. Note that the help center has moved to BA 2230.

(Aug 9) To help prepare for the exam, here is the Winter 2012 Final Exam.

(Aug 3) The sample solutions for both term tests are up: Test 1 and Test 2

(July 24) Exercise 8 is posted.

(July 24) Exercise 7 is posted.

(July 19) Exercise 6 is updated: variable names were switched. Sorry, I hope it's fixed correctly this time!

(July 18) Exercise 6 is updated: corrected a typo in the loop invariant

(July 17) Exercise 6 is posted.

(July 3) Exercise 5 is posted.

(June 19) As mentioned last week, tomorrow's lecture will start with a student feedback session.

(June 19) There might not be office hours tomorrow. You can ask questions during the breaks, or after class. (June 20 Update): There will be office hours. Feel free to drop by!

(June 19) Exercise 4 is posted.

(June 17) Exercise 3 is updated. A typo was fixed: "prove it's negation", of course, should be "prove its negation".

(June 12) Exercise 3 is posted.

(June 1) Test rooms have been announced. Both tests will be in room EX 310 in the Exam Centre.

(May 29) Exercise 2 is posted.

(May 29) An announcement has been made on the forum regarding CDF downtime next week.

(May 24) Office hours have been updated. TA office hours will be on Monday in BA2270 at 4:30-5:30.

(May 24) Tutorial 1 is available in Tutorial Notes

(May 24) In the first lecture, we covered Chapter 2 (pages 15-22 in the notes). In the second lecture, we started on Chapter 3 (covered pages 23-29)
The material is taken from Lecture Notes

(May 22) Exercise 1 is posted.

(May 22) The first tutorial is today; the first exercise will be posted shortly.

(May 18) The Tutorial sections were updated. Please refresh your browsers!

(May 17) In the first lecture we covered Chaper 2 from the Lecture Notes

(May 14) Note: There is no tutorial in the first week. We meet on Wednesday in BA1180.

(May 14) Welcome to CSC165H1Y in Summer 2012!
Questions about the course should be sent to the instructor, Alexandra Goultiaeva.
Follow the Instructor link for email address.