leaf(beta): an iStar Modeling Tool


Click here to be redirected to a live version of the tool.

Leaf(beta) was developed in the summer of 2015 as a prototype tool for modeling i* (iStar) goal models.


Since it’s initial development it has been extended into two separate tools:

1. GrowingLeaf: is an iStar modeling and analysis tool focused on understanding model evolution and how the evaluations of intentional elements change over time. GrowingLeaf was developed at the University of Toronto, Canada.

2. Creative Leaf: integrates established creativity techniques with iStar modeling for enhanced requirements engineering. Creative Leaf was developed at City University London, England.

We are looking for collaborators for further extensions. We hope to publish Leaf as a full iStar goal modeling tool compliant with the iStar 2.0 Language Guide in the future.

Tool Instructions:

  1. 1.We recommend using the tool with Google Chrome as this is the browser we tested it with.

  2. 2.To highlight a group of elements, hold down “shift” and select a group of elements with your mouse. To unselect a group of elements, hold down “shift” and click the canvas.

  3. 3.Dependency links do not use the “D” but instead use the word “depends”.

  4. 4.“Save” stores your model in .json format in a file in your downloads folder.

  5. 5.Note: we use cookies to store the model.

Known Bugs:

- Actor/Agent/Role names spill over the yellow oval.

Please email amgrubb at cs dot utoronto dot ca if you have questions or to report a bug.