Grade Distribution:
There are no exams (yes!). These assignments are a collection of written assignments and practical assignments that will involve working with verification tools and learning how to use them. See Assignments for the detail dates on the assignments and their weights. There will also be a term project in place of the final exam worth 40%.

Policy on special considerations:
If you are unable to complete an assignment due to major illness or other circumstances completely outside of your control, please contact your instructor immediately in order to receive special consideration. Note that special consideration will be considered on an individual basis and will not be given automatically—in other words, you risk getting a mark of zero for missed work unless you contact your instructor promptly, and before the due date of an assignment. Unless you are physically incapable of doing so due to extreme illness, contact your instructor before the due date and ask for an extension.

Policy on remarking requests:

All remarking requests must be received within two weeks of the date when the assignment was returned. It is your responsibility to check for your posted grade or your returned assignment (electronically, during lecture or tutorial or office hours if you miss the distribution date).
  • If there is a simple addition mistake, show it to your instructor (not your TA).
  • There is no reconsideration for auto-graded code assignments. Yes, it is unfair to lose the entire assignment grade due to a small mistake. But, you are a computer scientists now; small coding mistakes can lead to people losing their life. Learn not to make (many of) them!
  • If your request is about reevaluating your answers for a higher grade, email your instructor with the details of your request. Note that your mark may decrease if we see that you have been incorrectly awarded too high a mark. It will take us a while (average two weeks) to identify the marker, have the reconsider and assign a new mark. So, be patient with these requests.