CSC373: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Winter 2009

Lectures: MWF 2-3 in Bahen 1220

Instructor: Michael Brudno
Office: Pratt (PT) 286C
Office Hours: M11-1, Th3-5

Head TA: Paul Medvedev
Office: Pratt 286
Office Hours: F3-5


General information

This course will cover some topics in the design and analysis of algorithms. The topics covered will include Divide & Conquer algorithms, Greedy algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Network Flow, Linear Programming, as well as approximation and heuristic algorithms. While the material covered will be of a rather mathematical nature, we will stress the practical constraints that go into designing algorithms and try to make the course as applied as possible.

CSC 263/265

The graded materials for this class will consist of 3 homework problems and 1 programming project, each worth 9% of the grade (36% total), one term test (March 2nd) worth 24%, and a final worth 40%.