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I currently use Debian GNU/Linux on both Intel and PPC platforms. In the past I have also used Solaris, RedHat Linux, Yellow Dog Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD on occation. Platforms I am familiar with are SPARC (Ultra2, SS5, and SS1), Intel (including AMD Athlon), Mac68k (Centris 650), and MacPPC (Powerbook G3, PowerMac 6100).

On these pages I hope to make available to the internet community a variety of useful software and scripts for UNIX machines. Unless otherwise noted, you may consider all software, scripts, and documentation to be licenced under the Free Software Foundation's General Public Licence. This software is provided without any warrenty of any kind. Please email me any comments, suggestions, encouragement, etc. (good or bad) that you may have regarding the software on this page. The more interest I hear about for this software, the more likely I am to clean-up the code and document it.



Simple Programs


My shell of preference is bash. Most of these scripts should work with any sh compatible shell (such as sh or ksh).

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