Twonorm dataset

This is an implementation of Leo Breiman's twonorm example[1]. It is a 20 dimensional, 2 class classification example. Each class is drawn from a multivariate normal distribution with unit variance. Class 1 has mean (a,a,..a) while Class 2 has mean (-a,-a,..-a). Where a = 2/sqrt(20). Breiman reports the theoretical expected misclassification rate as 2.3%. He used 300 training examples with CART and found an error of 22.1%.

Dataset profile:

Origin: artificial

Usage: historical

Number of attributes: 21

Number of cases: 7,400

Number of prototasks: 1

Number of methods run on this dataset: 3

Download twonorm.tar.gz

Contributed by: Michael Revow.

(1) Breiman L. Bias, variance and arcing classifiers. Tec. Report 460, Statistics department. University of california. April 1996.

Last Updated 11 October 1996
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