I am an assistant professor at University of Toronto. Prior coming to Toronto, in 2012/2013, I was a research assistant professor at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. I did my postdoc with Prof. Sven Dickinson at University of Toronto. I finished my PhD in 2010 at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in the group of Prof. Ales Leonardis. In 2010, I was visiting Prof. Trevor Darrell's group at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) and UC Berkeley. More information is in my CV.

My work is in the area of Computer Vision. My main research interests are 2D and 3D object detection, particularly scalable multi-class detection, object segmentation and image labeling, and (3D) scene understanding. I am also interested in the interplay between language and vision: generating sentential descriptions about complex scenes, as well as using textual descriptions for better scene parsing (e.g., in the scenario of the human-robot interaction).

Mar 01, 20152 orals and 3 posters accepted at CVPR 2015
Feb 23, 2015Invited talk at KIT, Germany
Feb 17, 2015Talk at a Dagstuhl seminar "Holistic Scene Understanding"
Feb 12, 2015Will serve as a tutorial co-chair for CVPR'16
Jan 14, 2015Released code and data for the CVPR'14 Beat MTurkers paper
Dec 15, 2014Tutorial on 3D Indoor Scene Understanding accepted at CVPR'15
Dec 02, 2014Released the code and data for the ACCV'14 paper on clothing parsing
Dec 02, 2014Invited talk at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Nov 20, 2014Invited talk for the UofT undergradute students' AI night
Aug 21, 2014Invited lecture for math summer school in Slovenia, MARS
Aug 04, 2014PASCAL-Part dataset released
Aug 21, 2014Invited lecture for math summer school in Slovenia, MARS
July 15, 2014PASCAL-Context dataset released
July 01, 2014Organizing video competition for undergrad summer students
Jun 30, 2014Will serve as a publication chair for CVPR 2015
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Mar 30, 2014Released code & data for our ICCV'13 paper on symmetry
Mar 01, 2014Five papers accepted at CVPR 2014
Feb 10, 2014Released code & data for our ICCV'13 RGBD detection paper
Jan 14, 2014Moved to University of Toronto
Jan 03, 2014Released code and data for our CVPR'12 paper on holistic scene understanding
Dec 02, 2013Released a collection of CAD models accompanying our NIPS'12 paper
Dec 01, 2013Released data for our CVPR'13 paper on segDPM
Sep 12, 2013Talk at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK
Sep 09, 2013Talk at MPI Tubingen, Perceiving Systems
Sep 06, 2013Visiting Prof. Michael Black's at MPI Tubingen
Sep 04, 2013Oral and two posters accepted at ICCV 2013
Jun 13, 2013CVPR'13 publication chair and organizer of poster spotlights
May 30, 2013Visiting dr. Chris Geyer at iRobot
May, 2013Visiting Prof. Antonio Torralba at MIT
Mar 01, 2013Three posters accepted at CVPR 2013

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