As part of the 3D detection paper I collected and annotated a few hundred 3D CAD models which I make available here. All models are annotated with canonical viewpoint and aligned. The models were collected via the Google's 3D Warehouse. I'm also providing annotation and visualization functions for the use of these models in Matlab. All models and code are for non-commercial use.


Sanja Fidler


Download the visualization + simple annotation code (12.5Mb)


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The CAD models were downloaded from Google's 3D Warehouse. A tight 3D box was fit around each object. The orientation was annotated by clicking on the front and ground face of the box. All cars were roughly aligned to have orientation 0 (front face facing the camera) and length of 1.8m. For most cars we also provide information about the specific make of the car (e.g., Volkswagen-Golf) and real-world dimensions (obtained online from car manufacturers). Note that the cars files include vans, cabriolets, and even a few formula 1. Functions for annotation and visualization (in matlab) are provided in the code. There may be some duplicate models (same model, but e.g. different color of the object).


For questions regarding the data please contact Sanja Fidler.

Relevant Publications

If you use the data please cite the following publication:

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