CSC 148 H1, Winter 2013

Lab 5 (Feb. 12/13)

This document contains the instructions for lab number 5 in CSC 148 H1. To earn your lab mark, you must actively participate in the lab.
We mark you in order to ensure a serious attempt at learning, NOT to make careful critical judgments on the results of your work.

General rules

We will use the same general rules as for the first lab (including pair programming). See the instructions at the beginning of Lab 1 to refresh your memory.


In this lab, you will get more practice writing linked list code, some of it recursively!

Linked Lists

Even though you do not have to implement Skip Lists anymore for Part I of the project — you're welcome! :) — you still need to understand how to work with linked structures because they will come up again many times in this course (and in your future courses and work).

You know that in a linked list, elements are stored in a sequence of Node objects, where each Node stores one list element and a reference to the next Node in the sequence. But a "LinkedList" class is a higher-level structure that stores the entire chain of Nodes (indirectly, by keeping a single reference to the first Node), along with methods that perform list-like operations on the entire list.

Getting started

(Student s1 drives and student s2 navigates.)

When you are done, show your work to your TA and switch roles.

Now for some recursion...

(Student s2 drives and student s1 navigates.)

When you are done, show your work to your TA. You're done!