University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science

Computer Science 2501 / 485
Computational Linguistics
Fall 2014

Instructor: Graeme Hirst.
E-mail:, replacing HisTwoInitials with his two initials, and with the string "2501" or "485" in the subject line.

Teaching assistants:
Aida Nematzadeh; e-mail:, replacing HerID with aida, and with the string "2501" or "485" in the subject line.
Sean Robertson; e-mail:, replacing HisID with sdrobert, and with the string "2501" or "485" in the subject line.

Course bulletin board: You may use the course bulletin board for discussions of the course and (in general terms) the assignments. The instructor and TAs will check it regularly, but can't promise to answer all questions, nor to respond rapidly. The board may also be used for course announcements.


29 Sept 2014: Here are the files for Assignment 2: vocabulary, test sentences, Sean's scripts and data (zip file) (updated 6 Oct 2014).

10 Oct 2014: Here are the files for Assignment 3:
Question 2: pp-corpuswordlist
Question 3: Miller-and-Charles pairs


Strongly recommended: Jurafsky, Daniel, and Martin, James H. Speech and Language Processing, 2nd edition, 2009. Available in paper and e-book versions (for the latter visit CourseSmart and search for Jurafsky).

Strongly recommended: Bird, Steven; Klein, Ewan, Loper, Edward. Natural Language Processing with Python, O'Reilly, 2009. Free HTML version.

Possibly helpful: Mertz, David. Text Processing in Python. Addison-Wesley, 2003. Free ascii version.

Optional: Allen, James. Natural Language Understanding, 2nd Edition. Benjamin/Cummings, 1995.

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