CSC 2518 -- Spoken Language Processing

  Spring 2022

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Contact information

Instructor: Gerald Penn
Office: PT 283 (St. George campus)
Tel: 978-7390
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Meeting times

Lectures: W 10-12, online only (connection information distributed to registrants)
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Presented Readings


Zining Zhu 2 February
1) Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Media Search Using Secure Sparse Ternary Codes
2) Differentially Private Distributed Principal Component Analysis

Additional Readings for the Lectures

Title Author Publication Details
Spoken Language Processing X. Huang, A. Acero and H.-W. Hon Prentice Hall, 2001.
Discrete-Time Signal Processing J.R. Deller, Jr. , J.H.L. Hansen, and J.G. Proakis IEEE Press, 2000.
Open Finite-State Transducer Tutorial C. Allauzen, M. Jansche and M. Riley

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Topics for this year's offering

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Calendar of important course-related events

Date Event
Wed, 12 January First meeting
Mon, 17 January Last day to add course
Sun, 20 February Last day to drop course
Wed, 23 February would have been Reading Week, but we are still meeting!
Wed, 16 March No meeting
Wed, 6 April Last meeting
Thu, 14 April Final papers/projects due

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Your final mark will be determined by a term paper/project, and a presentation of a paper in class.  The relative weights of these components towards the final mark are shown in the table below:

(Best) class presentation 30%
Term paper/project 70%

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In this space, you will find announcements related to the course. Please check this space at least weekly. Back to the index

Lecture Slides

Gerald Penn, 19 January, 2022
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