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Ride to CONQUER CANCER - An annual Event

The Ontario Annual Ride to Conquer Cancer is an epic cycling event to raise money benefiting Princess Margaret Hospital for cancer research. Our team --- "IBM-OCI-Roche Integrative Discovery Team" --- raised over $270K in 2008-2013.

Our annual Team Ian ride from Kingston to Montreal is growing steadily. In 2016 we raised almost $100,000 and crossed an important milestone both in fundraising and research. Please consider joining or supporting "Team Ian" and ride with us in August 2017 from Kingston to Montreal (or maybe even Toronto-Kingston-Montreal). This ride is in memory of one of the cancer informatics students - Ian Lawson Van Toch.

Some images from ONTARIO and Quebec Rides to Conquer Cancer and TEAM IAN RIDES (click on the image to see the gallery)


Team Ian Ride 2014

RtCC 2012-ON


RtCC 2011-ON

Ride 2011

RtCC 2011-QC

Ride 2011

RtCC 2010-ON

Ride 2010

RtCC 2009-ON

Ride 2009

RtCC 2008-ON

Ride 2008


TEAM 2008 + Steve Bauer & WorldCommunityGrid Team


TEAM 2009

TEAM 2010

Part of the team in Toronto (Ontario 2010)

The colorful front pattern represents molecular cancer profile analyzed with BTSVQ; the protein interaction network on the back was generated with NAViGaTOR software; protein crystal on the lowe right corner is one of the images analyzed at World Community Grid - Help Conquer Cancer project.

For 2011 we will have matching shorts:


IBM-OCI-ROCHE  TEAM 2011, Ontario

Part of the team in Hamilton (Ontario 2011)

Team Ian 2011, Quebec


Part of the team



Team Ian Ride 2012, Kingston-Montreal (Kingston, August 26)

Team Ian Ride 2013, Kingston-Montreal (Montreal, August 16)

(Kingston, August 17)

(Morrisburg, August 18)

Team Ian Ride 2014, Kingston-Montreal

(Kingston, August 16)

(Morrisburg, August 17)

(Hudson, August 17)

Team Ian Ride 2015



Team Ian Ride 2016

Kingston, August 20


Morrisburg, August 21


Team Ian Ride 2017

Kingston, August 19, 2017


Morrisburg, August 20, 2017






Martin Swiss Cycle Weltex Canada Bessner Gallay Kreisman





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SportingLife mural for Ride to Conquer Cancer - May 29, 2013 -- reveal ceremony.

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