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Updated July 30, 1998
Added (July 30, 1998): Added James Strickland's recommendation, and now I've read four of Jane Jacobs' books.
Updated (July 23, 1997): New ``current read'', more pending reviews. Updated (May 25, 1997): More recommendations to me, pending reviewslist shrunk.
New (April 7, 1997): more books I've read but have yet to review.
New (August 21, 1996): Arthur C. Clarke's recommendation; not to me personally, of course!

My current read

The Shape of the City: Toronto Struggles with Modern Planning, by John Sewell. John Sewell is a city activist, columnist in Now weekly magazine, former Toronto city councillor, former Toronto mayor, and a person of intelligence and integrity. (He rides his bicycle to work.)

This book is a case study of the 20th century conflict between ``modern city planning'' and Toronto. Toronto is one of the most liveable cities in North America in part because Toronto escaped much of the ravages of the modern planning movement, thanks to the efforts of many aware and vocal citizens, John Sewell prominent among them.

I am looking forward to reading the stories of Regent Park, St. Jamestown, Moss Park, St. Lawrence and other neighbourhood I see almost every day in this city I call home.

This book ought to be read in the context of Jane Jacobs' The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Indeed, Jane Jacobs provides a foreword for The Shape of the City.

Pending reviews

I've finished reading, but have not yet reviewed: (Notice a pattern?)

Books I've stopped reading

I started and stopped reading The Essential Distributed Objects Survival Guide, but have written a preliminary review.
I started and stopped reading Attachment by John Bowlby. This book describes ``attachment theory'', a system of ideas used to explain of the bonding needs of children. It is also a theoretical orientation for some psychological therapies later in life.

My wife recommended this book to me, and it's very interesting.

My next read

I haven't decided on my next book, but the candidates are:

Recommended to me

This is a list of the books that other people have recommended to me, but that I have not yet read.
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