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Updated October 1, 1998
October 1, 1998: Better reference to CTAN; more on CVS, and now Perforce
May 9, 1998: Added Wotsit's Format site under Reference
February 13, 1998: Added xpdf under Tools
January 29, 1998: Added omniORB, a free CORBA 2 ORB
December 18, 1997: Updated link to Pizza
December 5, 1997: Added link SGML-Tools when 1.0 was announced.

I use CWEB for most of my programming. It's a literate programming tool for C, C++, and Java. If you don't know what that means, scan comp.programming.literate.

Here are some programming-related links that aren't anywhere else on my web site. Ok, so there's some overlap...

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Quote of the page (1):

I have to report reluctantly that nearly every program that I have examined closely during the past thirty years has contained at least one bug.

Donald Knuth, in THEORY and PRACTICE

Quote of the page (2):

You know what your problem is?
You like programming too much!

David Mitchell, to me, early 1997

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