David Neto's PhD thesis

Created August 31, 2000

I successfully defended my PhD on May 25, 1999. (More details on my home page.)

My thesis is now available here at http://www.cs.utoronto.ca/~neto/research/david-neto-phd-thesis.ps.gz (1118744 bytes gzipped PostScript). (Technical note: Some pages have very complex machine-generated figures. You might need 16MB in your PostScript printer to print them. For example, my stock HP LaserJet 6MP with 3MB of RAM fails on those pages.) The abstract may be found on the DCS recent grads page.

As far as publications go, I am participating in the 8th DIMACS Implementation Challenge: The Traveling Salesman Problem. It should be published later this year.

The program code used for the experiments described in my thesis is freely available.

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