Java source for MergeSort demo

Here is the source for the demo of MergeSort. This is my first real Java program, and I hope I've implemented a good object-oriented design. However, I have not put much work into laying out that design in this page.

Also, the source is pretty much comment-free. :-)
I guess I'm waiting for a literate programming package for Java. Is anyone listening? (I guess I could spin my own with Spider.)

News flash (June 13, 1996): Knuth says that CWEB supports Java as well. Hooray!

Just for safety's sake, I have copyrighted the code. I haven't yet determined how liberal to make the terms of the copyright. However, I don't consider any of the techniques that I have used in this applet to be revolutionary. So feel free to learn what you can from this code. If people think some of my classes are useful enough to use in their own code, send me email so I know about it.

Source files:
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