A word about bugs

I have striven to write a bug-free applet. This page records the bugs that my application has/had/exposes.

Disappearing choice button

Workaround: I have implemented a workaround to the following problem. See the source code for CustomSortInput (in MergeSortApp.java).

Netscape Navigator, both versions 2.0 and 2.01, has problems with the choice button that is used to select the various canned inputs. If the current input choice is not "Custom", and you click on the ``Shuffle now'' button or manually change the values in the text field and hit enter, the choice button disappears! It's not supposed to. Instead, the choice button is supposed to just change to "Custom".

I don't think this is my fault. The Java Development Kit applet viewer does not behave this way.

To find the choice button again, hide the Netscape window and expose it again. This is easy to do if you have a desktop pager under fvwm by clicking on a different desktop page and then returning.

Another way to find it again is to just click where the button should be. The choice menu will appear. Letting go of the button will make the button reappear where it's supposed to.

Crashing Netscape under Windows95

I have had one report from a Windows95 user that my applet crashes Netscape version 2.0 (final). This is all I know about the problem, and I don't have access to Netscape under that platform, so I can't comment any further. Because my applet doesn't crash Netscape under Linux or SunOS, nor does it crash the JDK port to Linux, I blame Netscape and/or Microsoft.

As always, your mileage may vary.