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University of Toronto Spring 1997

CSC478S/2412S: Computer Algebra
Assignment dates updated February 5, 1997 Instructor: Daniel Panario, daniel@cdf (preferable), daniel@cs

Office hours: T 10-11 in SF 2304A, or by appointment.

Lectures: TR 2 in MP 118, and F 2 in LM 157.

Tutor: David Neto, at478net@cdf

Text: K. O. Geddes, S. R. Czapor and G. Labahn, ALGORITHMS FOR COMPUTER ALGEBRA, Kluwer, 1992.

Language: MAPLE, a system for symbolic mathematical computation. Optional for project: C++.

Prerequisities: mathematical maturity is recommended. Although not required, at least one undergraduate abstract algebra course may be useful. Undergraduate courses in discrete mathematics and in data structures could be helpful.

Marking scheme:

Work   Handout   Due      Value
        date     date     
 A1    Jan  14   Jan 28     5 % 
 A2    Jan  28   Feb 14    15 %
 A3    Feb  14   Mar  7    15 %
 A4    Mar   7   Mar 28    15 %
 A5    Mar  21   Apr 11    15 %
 Proj  Feb  11   Apr 11    35 % 
                          100 %

Plagiarism: assignments and project have to be your own work. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense.

Web page:

Newsgroup: ut.cdf.csc478h

Course goals: This course is an introduction to basic algebraic algorithms that are useful for computer algebra systems. More specifically, operations like multiplication, division, greatest common divisors and factorization are studied over several domains including the ring of integers, finite fields, polynomial rings, and quotient rings. The basic tools considered include modular arithmetic, discrete Fourier transform, Chinese remainder theorem, Newton iteration, and Hensel techniques. Grobner bases and their applications are taken into account. An overview of the structural properties of finite fields covering some applications in detail is considered.

Course outline (some of these topics will be covered):

Special dates:

 Feb 17-21 reading week (no classes)

Mar 7 last day to drop without penalty

Mar 28 Good Friday (University closed)

Apr 11 last lecture

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David Neto
Fri Jan 17 17:20:00 EST 1997