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America Online users have acquired a, er, reputation around Usenet for their postings. Here's one that reinforces it.
>From Thu Dec 14 13:03:48 EST 1995
>Article: 49552 of tor.general
>Xref: utcsri ab.general:12549 alt.cult-movies:116363 alt.flame:205452 alt.gothic:137285 can.general:83136 ont.general:56332 tor.general:49552
>Path: utcsri!uniserve!van-bc!!!hookup!cunews!nott!torn!!!!!user
>From: (Frank Bynum)
>Subject: Re: Poll: who's cuter? Winona Ryder or Pam Anderson?
>Date: 13 Dec 1995 03:26:04 GMT
>Organization: Phoenix Data Systems
>Lines: 11
>References:  <48kmht$> <490ggg$> <49h7up$> <49j2oe$> <49mv6u$> <49sh1r$jce@Twain.MO.NET> <>  <4afd50$>
>In article <4afd50$>, "Rev. I. $awyer Browneye"
> wrote:
>> Pamela Anderson is an attractive woman, but Winona Ryder is a GODDESS.
>> I. $. B.
>Winona sux.
Never you mind asking why I'm reading a thread about Winona Ryder... :) Well, the answer is, for its sheer entertainment value!

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