1) Some confusion is possible regarding hyperparameter values because
   they can be looked at in three ways:  as standard deviations (widths),
   as variances (squares of the standard deviations), and as precisions
   (inverse variances).  In particular, note that although the priors 
   for hyperparameters are described in terms of Gamma distributions for
   the precisions, their scale is specified in the net-spec and
   model-spec commands in terms of the corresponding standard deviations.

2) When there is a single output unit, a specification of the form
   "w:a:b" for the hidden-to-output weights is mathematically
   equivalent to one of the form "w:a::b".  The two specifications
   differ computationally, however.  In the "w:a:b" form, lower-level
   hyperparameters that each control a single weight are explicitly
   represented; with "w:a::b", equivalent hyperparameters exist
   mathematically, but are not represented explicitly.  The "w:a:b"
   form is probably to be preferred, since explicit hyperparameters 
   are of assistance to the heuristic procedure that chooses
   stepsizes for the dynamical updates.

3) If the system crashes in the middle of a run of 'net-mc', one can
   usually continue from the last iteration written to the log file 
   by just invoking 'net-mc' again with the same arguments (just as 
   one can continue for more iterations after 'net-mc' terminates 
   normally).  Problems could arise if the system crashed in the middle 
   of writing the records pertaining to an iteration, in which case some 
   fixup using 'log-copy' may be required.  Such problems could come
   either from a partial record at the end of the log file, or from
   a less-than-complete set of full records.  It is best to assess the 
   situation using 'log-records' before proceeding.