This section contains examples of Bayesian modeling using this
software on some simple synthetic problems.

The output shown for these examples was obtained by running the
software on our machine, with ">" at the start of a line indicating a
command line that was input.  It is possible (even likely) that your
results will differ, even if you have installed the software
correctly, since small differences in floating point arithmetic can be
magnified into large differences in the course of the simulation.
However, unless one of the simulations became stuck in an isolated
local mode, the final predictions you obtain (eg, from 'net-pred' for
'gp-pred'), and the final distributions of model parameters, should be
close to those reported below.

All the data sets mentioned here are present in the 'examples'
sub-directory, along with the C source of the programs that generated
them.  It is assumed below that you have changed to this directory.
The command sequences for running the simulations that are mentioned
below are also stored in this directory, in shell files with the names
'rcmds.net', 'rcmds.gp', 'bcmds.net', 'bcmds.gp', etc.

Note that the particular network architectures, priors, and Markov
chain sampling options, and so forth that are used in these examples
are only examples of reasonable choices.  There are many other
possibilities that would also be reasonable for these examples.  For 
a different problem, it might well be necessary to use different
architectures and priors.  To gain a full understanding of the various
possibilities, and their advantages and disadvantages, you will need
to read both the general references given earlier for these models,
and the detailed documentation in the ".doc" files.

Computation times are given for many of the examples.  These are all
for the current version of the software, run on our computer, which is
currently an SGI machine with 194 MHz MIPS R10000 processors.