MC-QUANTITIES:  Quantities from log files relating to Monte Carlo simulation.

The quantities below relating to Markov chain Monte Carlo can be
obtained from log files (eg, for use in xxx-plt).  Note that the
generic quantities documented in quantities.doc will also be
available, as will quantities specific to the particular Markov chain
application being used.

    T   Temperature used this iteration (NOT the simulated tempering temp)
    E   Potential energy at end of iteration
    K   Kinetic energy at end of iteration
    H   Total energy at end of iteration (sum of E and K)
    D[n] Change in total energy for last state proposed (up to max of n)

    i   Inverse temperature (for simulated tempering)
    I   Index of current inverse temperature value
    j   Direction of change for inverse temperature
    J   Higher temperature for attempted transition (meaningful only if
        last operation in iteration was sim-temp)

    d   Heatbath decay factor used in this iteration
    f   Stepsize factor used in this iteration
    F   Stepsize factor used in this iteration divided by two
    m   Point last moved to (zero is starting point)
    r   Rejection rate for this iteration
    e   Average number of evaluations per slice sampling update this iteration
    k   Cumulative cpu usage in minutes.

    qn  Component n of position
    pn  Component n of momentum
    sn  Stepsize selected by application for component n

None of these quantities can be used with a range; 'q', 'p', and 's'
must have a modifier, 'D' may have a modifier, the others may not have
a modifier.  Momenta of zero are assumed if none exist.

            Copyright (c) 1995 by Radford M. Neal