MC-TEMP-SCHED:  Specify temperature schedule for tempering methods.


    mc-temp-sched log-file { inv-temp[@bias][:n] }

    mc-temp-sched log-file 

The first form appends a tempering schedule to a log file, which must
already exist, but not have iterations stored yet.  For the second
form, the schedule stored in the log file is displayed.

A schedule consists of one or more inverse "temperatures", in the
interval [0,1), which are normally monotonically increasing.  An
inverse temperature can be specified directly, or in the form "/temp",
with "temp" being the non-inverse temperature.  A final temperature of
1 is automatically added at the end of the list.  With each
temperature may optionally be associated a "bias", which is added to
the energy of states at that temperature when simulated tempering is
done.  The default bias is zero, as is that for the final temperature
of one.

An argument with a colon represents a set of n temperatures/biases
starting with that given and continuing up to but not including the
next temperature specified (or up to a temperature of one if the
argument is the last).  The temperatures are interpolated geometrically, 
the biases linearly.  For example, the two arguments "/16@20:2" and
"/4@10" give the same results as the three arguments "/16@20",
"/8@15", and "/4@10".

            Copyright (c) 1995 by Radford M. Neal