DFT-DENDROGRAM:  Create Postscript representation of a dendrogram of a tree

Dft-dendrogram produces a representation of the diffusion tree
underlying the training cases in the form of a dendrogram, which is
output as an Embedded Postscript document suitable for printing or for
inclusion in another document.


  dft-dendrogram [ -r ] log-file index [ tree ] [ label-file ] 

Writes Postscript to draw a dendrogram on standard output.  The tree
for which the dendrogram is produced is from the log file given, at
the index given.  If the model has more than one tree, the first one
is used by default, but this can be changed by including a "tree"
argument (from 1 up to the number of trees in the model).  

The terminal nodes of the dendrogram are by default labelled with the
indexes of the training cases (from 1 up).  If a label file in given,
these labels are replaced with labels read from this file (delimited
by whitespace).

If the "-r" option is given, the dendrogram is rotated so that the
"fingers" point down, rather than to the right.

Similar output in text format is produced by dft-display with the "-g"
option (see dft-display.doc).

            Copyright (c) 1995-2003 by Radford M. Neal