MIX-CASES:  Generate cases from a mixture model.

Mix-cases produces a data file containing the target values for cases
generated from a mixture model.  The components associated with these
cases, the parameters associated with these components, and the
top-level hyperparameters, may optionally be displayed as well.


    mix-cases [ -h ] [ -p ] [ -i ] log-file index 
              output-file n-cases [ random-seed ]

Values for the targets in n-cases cases are generated and stored in
the specified output file, one per line, overwriting any data it
previously contained.  If no training data has been specified, the
generated cases will come from the prior distribution conditional on
the hyperparameters stored in the log file under the specified index.
If training data has been supplied, the cases will be generated from
the posterior distribution given the training data, as represented by
the hyperparameters, parameters and component indicators that are
stored under that index.

The random number seed used for generating the cases may be specified
at the end of the command line.  If it is omitted, index is used as
the seed.

If one or more of the -h, -p, or -i flags are specified, the
hyperparameters, parameters, or component indicators will be displayed
on standard output, in the format documented in mix-display.doc, with
the newly generated cases following the training cases (if any).  By
default, none of this information is displayed.

            Copyright (c) 1995-2003 by Radford M. Neal