MIX-DISPLAY:  Print mixture model parameters, hyperparameters, etc.

Mix-display can print the offset parameters associated with each of
the components in a mixture model (omitting those that are not
currently associated with any training case), the hyperparameters
controlling these parameters, and the indicators of which component 
is associated with each training case.


    mix-display [ -h ] [ -p ] [ -i ] log-file [ index ]

If no index is specified, the last record in the log file is shown.
If -h is specified, value for the hyperparameters are displayed.  If
-p is specified, the offset parameters for each component that is
currently associated with a training case are displayed, along with
the noise standard deviation parameters for models of real data.  If
-i is specified, the indicators of which component is currently
associated with each training case are displayed.  More than one of
-h, -p, and -i can be specified (in any order); eg, -h -i will show
both the high-level hyperparameters and the indicators.  The default
if none of these flags are specified is -h and -p.

In the output for -h, the highest-level hyperparameters are shown
first, followed after a colon by the associated lower-level
hyperparameters for each target value.  In the output for -p, the
components are listed by decreasing frequency in the training set.
The offset parameters for components are listed after the component
number, frequency, and a colon, in order by target value.  The noise
standard deviations parameters (if present) are listed after a blank
line in a corresponding way.  In the output for -i, the components
associated with each training case are shown, ten per line, with 
case indexes shown at the beginning of each line.

            Copyright (c) 1995-2003 by Radford M. Neal