GP-DISPLAY:  Print Gaussian process hyperparameters & other information.

Gp-display can print the hyperparameter values associated with a
Gaussian process, the latent values for the training cases, and the
noise variances for the training cases.


    gp-display [ -h ] [ -l ] [ -n ] log-file [ index ]

If no index is specified, the last record in the log file is used.  By
default, or if -h is specified, only the hyperparameters are
displayed.  If -l is specified, the latent values for the training
cases will be displayed, if these values have been sampled.  If -n is
specified, noise standard deviations for individual training cases
will be displayed, if this makes sense.  More than one of -h, -l, and
-n can be specified (in any order); eg, -h -n gets both the
hyperparameters and the case-specific noise standard deviations.

In the output, the higher-level hyperparameters are shown first,
followed after a colon by the associated lower-level hyperparameters.
For the exponential part of the covariance, the scale hyperparameter
is shown first on a line by itself, followed by the relevance
hyperparameters in the above format.

The latent values and noise standard deviations are listed with the
number of the training case first, followed by the values for each

            Copyright (c) 1995-2004 by Radford M. Neal