CSC490 / 2600 : Cognitive Computing with Watson -- Fall 2014


Welcome to the course webpage for CSC490: Cognitive Computing with Watson! Cognitive computing is a new and expanding field that combines machine learning, natural language processing and information extraction, and this course allows its participants an exclusive chance to create cognitive computing applications for various industries.

In addition, the main theme of this course is the use of Watson, a cutting-edge cognitive computing initiative by IBM. Watson trains on natural language to produce intelligent and insightful passages relevant to a user's requests. This is a capstone project course, although there are also skills-based exercises that are required over the first few weeks.

Website structure

Most of the information about the course, such as course milestones, references and other information is available from the links on the left. If there is anything missing, please notify the instructor immediately.

Most announcements will be distributed over email, but you are required to check the Announcements page at least once a week, to receive important updates such as group assignments and updates to the IBM Watson knowledge base.