798 Multicore programming

Instructor: Trevor Brown
E-mail: trevor (dot) brown (at) uwaterloo (dot) ca (include 798 in your subject)
Times: MW 3:30-4:50, DC 2585
My office: DC 2338
Course syllabus

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Course materials

Class Topics Slides Supplementary material
Week 1 - Monday Asynchronous shared memory, counters, linearizability, cache coherence, false sharing PowerPoint Paper that introduced Linearizability
A few slides on cache coherence (Technion)
Week 1 - Wednesday More on padding, lock-freedom, lock-free stack (& proof sketch) PowerPoint Treiber stack (original paper)
Optional: a later stack technique (elimination)
Optional: even later stacks
Optional: hazard pointers (memory reclamation)
Optional: Treiber stack with hazard pointers for memory reclamation
Week 2 - Monday Stacks, queues, relaxed data structures, hash tables Powerpoint Optional: first lock-free queue
Optional: newer queues
Optional: Multi-Queue paper (mostly about graphs)
Week 2 - Wednesday Hash tables and deletion Powerpoint Expandable hash table we are studying
Week 3 - Monday Expanding a hash table Powerpoint (Same hash table paper as last class)
Week 3 - Wednesday More efficient expansion, linked data structures Powerpoint Harris' linked list
Week 4 - Monday k-word CAS and a doubly-linked list Powerpoint
Week 4 - Wednesday Implementing DCSS and k-word CAS Powerpoint k-CAS paper we are studying
My own fast C++ code for k-CAS (uses advanced techniques)
Week 5 - Monday Wrapping up k-word CAS Powerpoint Optional: my paper showing how to reuse descriptors
Week 5 - Wednesday Transactional memory Powerpoint Intel's restricted transactional memory (RTM) - also called HTM / TSX-NI
Nice article on lock elision and Intel's RTM
Some slides on using lock elision in Linux kernel
Week 6 - Monday Advanced uses of transactional memory, OpenMP Powerpoint Paper that introduced HTM-based KCAS
Nice slides on OpenMP
C++ code examples for this lecture's OpenMP slides
Week 6 - Wednesday Try-locks, versioned locks, lock-based KCAS + HTM, debugging tools Powerpoint GCC transactional memory intrinsics
A GDB tutorial (incl. relevant compilation options)
Very short Valgrind intro
A few nice Valgrind examples
A guide to Valgrind (with good frequently asked questions)
C++ code examples for this lecture's GDB and Valgrind slides


Assignment 3 [Starting code] Assignment 2 [Starting code] Assignment 1 [Starting code]

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Student presentation guidelines

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