The True Meaning of Programming Book Titles

Let L be a programming language. Here are the true meanings of the titles of programming books for L.
L for Dummies
You will be able to impress your dummy friends with your programming skill.
Introduction to L
Hopefully you can pass the introductory L course you are taking.
The L Programming Language
Prior knowledge of L is assumed. A degree or diploma in computing is recommended.
The L Cookbook
You don't know what you are doing, but that's fine -- the author does. Trust me.
Teach Yourself L in N days
Our L guru finished reviewing this book in N days.
L by Examples
Give your friend weed, and you will have his business for life. Show him how to grow weed, and you will face competition forever.
L Unleashed
The dangerous side of L unleashed -- by rookie programmer on the wild.
Advanced L Programming
Use L to do what it is not designed to do. (Nevermind the fact that there are more suitable tools.)
Data Structures using L
Data structures in L are hard because L is badly designed for user-defined data structures.
Software Engineering using L
Software engineering with L is hard because L is badly designed for software engineering.
Doing ___ in L
Doing ___ in L is hard because L is badly designed for doing ___.
Albert Y. C. Lai