Tianzheng Wang

Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
University of Toronto, Canada


I'm a final year Ph.D. student with the Systems group at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Toronto. My advisor is Prof. Ryan Johnson. I came to Toronto in 2012 fall after receiving my B.Sc. in Computing degree from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where I worked with Prof. Zili Shao on embedded systems and non-volatile memory. During my sandwich year, I interned with HSBC's structured equity derivatives front office in Hong Kong.

I'm interested in exploiting modern hardware (e.g., new memory/storage media, massively parallel processors, ultra-fast network) to build fast and energy-efficient systems, both large (server) and small (embedded).

Recent papers (see here for older ones)

VLDBJ '17 Efficiently making (almost) any concurrency control mechanism serializable. [preprint] [code]
Tianzheng Wang, Ryan Johnson, Alan Fekete and Ippokratis Pandis.
The VLDB Journal, Volume 26, Issue 4.
VLDB '17 Mostly-Optimistic Concurrency Control for Highly Contended Dynamic Workloads on a Thousand Cores.
[extended version] [slides] [poster] [code]
Tianzheng Wang and Hideaki Kimura.
43rd International Conference on Very Large Data Bases.
PPoPP '16 Be My Guest - MCS Lock Now Welcomes Guests. [slides] [code]
Tianzheng Wang, Milind Chabbi and Hideaki Kimura.
21st ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming.
SIGMOD '16 ERMIA: Fast Memory-Optimized Database System for Heterogeneous Workloads. [slides] [poster] [code]
Kangnyeon Kim, Tianzheng Wang, Ryan Johnson and Ippokratis Pandis.
42nd ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data.
DaMoN '15 The Serial Safety Net: Efficient Concurrency Control on Modern Hardware. [slides] [code]
Tianzheng Wang, Ryan Johnson, Alan Fekete and Ippokratis Pandis.
11th International Workshop on Data Management on New Hardware, colocated with SIGMOD 2015.
VLDB '14 Scalable Logging through Emerging Non-Volatile Memory. [abstract at NVMW '15] [slides] [poster]
Tianzheng Wang and Ryan Johnson.
40th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases.
EMSOFT '14 Building High-Performance Smartphones via Non-Volatile Memory: The Swap Approach.
Kan Zhong, Tianzheng Wang, Xiao Zhu, Linbo Long, Duo Liu, Weichen Liu, Zili Shao and Edwin Sha.
14th ACM SIGBED International Conference on Embedded Software.

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