Junji Zhi

Junji Zhi

About Me

Junji is a Master student working with Prof. Eyal de Lara in the Computer Systems & Networks Research Group, University of Toronto. Junji completed the M.Sc. degree in April 2016.

Research Interests

Systems, virtualization, cloud computing, software testing and software documentation.


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Teaching Assistant:
  • ECE454 Computer Systems Programming, Fall 2015
  • CSC2231 Special Topics in Computer Systems, Winter 2015
  • CSC369 Principles of Operating Systems, Winter 2015
  • ECE344 Operating Systems, Fall 2014 (Tips and Resources)
  • ECE1779 Introduction to Cloud Computing, Winter 2014
  • CSC309 Programming on the Web, Fall 2013
  • CPSC203 Introduction to Computer Science, Fall 2011

Selected Publications

Junji Zhi, Nilton Bila and Eyal de Lara, "Oasis: Energy Proportionality with Partial Server Consolidation", The European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys'16), London, UK. (Acceptance rate: 38 out of 180) [PDF]

Junji Zhi, Sahil Suneja and Eyal de Lara, "The Case for System Testing with Swift Hierarchical VM Fork", 6th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing (HotCloud '14), Philadelphia, PA, June 17-18, 2014.  [PDF, Video]

Junji Zhi and Vahid Garousi, "On Adequacy of Assertions in Unit Tests: An Empirical Investigation", 3rd International Workshop on Regression Testing (Regression '13), 2013. [PDF]

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