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TA Application Form(s)

TA assignments for the fall term are mostly complete. There is a reposting for CSC324 because we did not get enough qualified applicants, and there will likely be postings for a few graduate courses closer to the beginning of the term as the enrolment becomes more clear.

When new postings are available they will be available through the links below. Applications for the winter term will be open by October 31.

You may also be interested in applying for TA positions at UTM and UTSC.

Note that jobs will also be posted at


The application system we are using is one developed by the Faculty of Arts and Science. One limitation of the form is that it is hard for us to see what you would most prefer to TA for. Please indicate which courses you are willing and qualified to TA using the checkboxes, and please use the Most Preferred Courses text area to indicate which courses you are most interested in TAing. Please include any other relevant information that would help us make a decision.

Please use the text areas in the application form to give us more information about your skills and interests to help us find the best fit for you.

Note that many courses require that TAs are available during normal working hours (9am-5pm) for meetings, marking duties and possibly tutorials or office hours. If you are not available during regular working hours, then you may not be eligible to take up one of these TA positions. Also, if you expect to be out of town for more than two weeks, you may not be eligible for some TA positions. It is your responsibility to inform your supervisor of your availability when you are first contacted about an individual position.

Finally, please note that we use a different system to assign TAs to courses and issue contracts, so you will not see any updates on the system linked to below. We only use this system for applications.

Karen Reid
Last modified: 26 August 2019