Graeme Hirst
Research Interests: Computational linguistics and natural language processing, with applications in health and medicine, in the social sciences, and in the humantities.
Gerald Penn
Research Interests: Mathematical linguistics, spoken language processing.
Frank Rudzicz
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Natural language processing, speech recognition, assistive technology, machine learning in healthcare, surgical safety.
Suzanne Stevenson
Research Interests: Computational linguistics, cognitive modeling of language learning, word meaning/semantics, pragmatics, multilingualism.
Yang Xu
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Semantic change, semantic typology, language and cognition, computational methods for linguistic and social sciences.

Post-docs & Visitors

Ella Rabinovich
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Graduate Students

Mohamed Abdalla
Ph.D. Student
Ian Berlot-Attwell
Ph.D. Student
Aditya Bhargava
Ph.D. Student
Eric Corlett
Ph.D. Student
Arvid Frydenlund
Ph.D. Student
Serena Jeblee
Ph.D. Student
Shuja Khalid
Ph.D. Student
Bai Li
Ph.D. Student
Hillary Ngai
M.Sc. Student
Jingcheng (Frank) Niu
M.Sc. Student
Yoona Park
M.Sc. Student
Aida Ramezani
Ph.D. Student
Stefania Raimondo
M.Sc. Student
Sean Robertson
Ph.D. Student
Farhan Samir
M.Sc. Student
Raeid Saqur
Ph.D. Student
Zhewei Sun
Ph.D. Student
Julia Watson
M.Sc. Student
Katie Warburton
Ph.D. Student
John Xu
M.Sc. Student
Lei Yu
M.Sc. Student
Zining Zhu
Ph.D. Student

Graduate Alumni

Akshay Budhkar (now at Georgian Partners)
Libby Barak (now at Post-doc at Rutgers University)
Maria Yancheva (now at Winterlight Labs)
Tong Wang (now at Micrsoft Maluuba)
Barend Beekhuizen (now at University of Toronto Mississauga)
Hamidreza Chinaei (now at Nuance Communications)
Siavash Kazemian (now at Yaar)
Chloe Pou-Prom (now at St. Michael's Hospital)
Gagandeep Singh (now at Nuance Communications)
Yevgen Matusevych (now at University of Edinburgh)
Muuo Wambua (now at Yaar)
Katie Fraser (now at University of Gothenburg)
Fraser Shein (now at Quillsoft)
Afra Alishahi (now at Tilburg University)
Afsaneh Fazly (now at Thomson Reuters)
Amber O'Hearn (now at formerly Amber Wilcox-O'Hearn)
Abdel-Rahman Mohamed (now at Microsoft Research)
Dave Fernig
Melanie Baljko (now at York University)
Julie Boland (now at University of Michigan)
Alex Budanitsky (now at Government of Ontario)
Colin Morris (now at Apple)
Christopher Collins (now at University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Chris Parisien (now at Nuance Communications)
Jean-Pierre Corriveau (now at Carleton University)
Wesley May (now at Facebook)
Michael Demko (now at Google)
Judith Dick
Chrysanne DiMarco (now at University of Waterloo)
Kaira Bergstra (formerly Ol'ga Feiguina)
Mary Ellen Foster (now at Heriot-Watt University)
Helena Hong Gao (now at Nanyang Technological University)
Ulrich Germann (now at University of Edinburgh)
Angela Glover
Jory Graham
Neil Graham (now at IBM Canada Ltd)
Stephen Green (now at Nuance Communications)
Nick Pendar (now at formerly Mohammad Haji-Abdolhosseini| SurveyMonkey| url
Hani Safadi (now at Stevens Institute of Technology)
Peter Heeman (now at the Oregon Health and Science University)
Kenneth Hoetmer (now at the University of Toronto Library)
Diana Inkpen (now at the University of Ottawa)
Nathalie Japkowicz (now at the University of Ottawa)
Julian Brooke (now at Thomson Reuters)
Jackie C.K. Cheung (now at McGill University)
Eric Joanis (now at the National Research Council of Canada)
Yves Lespérance (now at York University)
Jane (Jianhua Li
Kinfe Tadesse Mengistu (now at Nuance Communications)
Robert Lizée (now at Gamerizon)
Anthony McCallum (now at Amazon)
Daniel Marcu (now at Amazon)
Susan McRoy (now at the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee)
Mara Miezitis (now at Caracal Technologies)
Tristan Miller (now at Technical University of Darmstadt)
Meghana Marathe (now at University of Michigan)
Natalia Modjeska (now at Info-Tech Research Group)
Naishi Liu
Paul Cook (now at University of New Brunswick)
Michael Reimer
Shalom Lappin (now at University of Gothenburg)
Saif Mohammad (now at National Research Council of Canada)
Jane Morris
Cosmin Munteanu (now at National Research Council of Canada)
Manabu Okumura (now at Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Julie Payette (now at Governor General of Canada)
Linda Bauman Peto
Stephen Regoczei (now at Trent University)
Mark Ryan (now at IBM Canada Ltd)
Bart Selman (now at Cornell University)
David St-Onge
Manfred Stede (now at the University of Potsdam)
Shunan Zhao (now at Expect Labs)
Timothy Fowler (now at Nuance Communications)
Varada Kolhatkar (now at Simon Fraser University)
Vivian Tsang (now at Quillsoft Limited)
Coco Wang (now at Dalian University of Technology)
Vanessa Wei Feng (now at Workopolis)
Janyce Wiebe (now at University of Pittsburgh)
Dekai Wu (now at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Xiaodan Zhu (now at National Research Council Institute of Information Technology)
Rouzbeh Farahmand
Krish Perumal (now at VerticalScope)
Ellen Anna Korcovelos (now at Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc)
Aida Nematzadeh (now at Deepmind, London)
Daniel Ansari (now at Business Driver, Toronto)
Benjamin Bartlett (now at Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley)
Mark Catt (now at Goldman Sachs, New York)
Diane Horton (now at Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto)
Daniel Lyons (now at BACS Ltd, London)
Yun Niu (now at Krembil Research Institute, Toronto Western Hospital)
Carson Schütze (now at University of California, Los Angeles")
Kwangseob Shim (now at School of Computer Science and Engineering, Sungshin Women's University, Korea)
Yaroslav Riabinin (now at Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario)
Toby Walker (now at Sony Systems Science Laboratory, Tokyo)