Geoffrey Hinton's former master's students
(with year of graduation and thesis title)
Many of my PhD students did a Masters degree with me before their PhD. They are not included here.

Michelle Wahl Craig (1991)
Lossless Image Compression Using Connectionist Networks

Lisa White (1995)
Temporal difference learning: Eligibilty traces and the successor representation for actions.

Ava ChiKwan To (1996)
The Helmholtz Machine Through Time.

Josh McDermott (2001)
Junction Detection: Computation and Psychophysics

Marco Buiatti (2001)
Adaptation of the Visual System to the Temporal Statistics of Natural Images

Nina Thiessen (2004)
Connection Maps: A new way to visualize similarity relationships.
(available at Nina'a website)

Renqiang Min (2005)
A non-linear dimensionality reduction method for improving nearest neighbour classification