Supplementary material

Kevin R. Brown, David Otasek, Muhammad Ali, Michael J. McGuffin, Wing Xie, Baiju Devani, Ian Lawson van Toch, Igor Jurisica.

NAViGaTOR: Network Analysis, Visualization & Graphing Toronto.

Bioinformatics, 25(24): 3327-3329, 2009. Epub: 2009/10/20.

Supplementary Material for NAViGaTOR: Network Visualization and Graphing At Toronto

Supplementary material

Yun Niu, David Otasek, Igor Jurisica.

Evaluation of linguistic features useful in extraction of interactions from PubMed; Application to annotating known, high-throughput and predicted interactions in I2D.

Bioinformatics, 2009. Epub: 2009/10/24, doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btp602.

Supplementary Material: Supplementary Table 1; Supplementary Figures 1-4.

List of PPIs and corresponding PMIDs for pairs with high SVM score.

Code and data for the text mining system.