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Updated April 3, 1997
Updated (April 15, 1997): Grading scheme for assignment 4 updated.
New (April 3, 1997): Added the grading scheme for assignment 3. Updated the upcoming topics section.
New (March 27, 1997): Added tutorial examples on distinct and equal degree factorization.
New (March 21, 1997): Added tutorial examples on fast division and square-free factorization. Added assignment 4 Postscript and grading scheme. Added the Upcoming Topics section.
New (February 17, 1997): Added tutor's office hours section.
New (February 17, 1997): Added assignment 3 -- PostScript only.
Updated (February 7, 1997): Added a PostScript version of the course outline
Updated (February 5, 1997): Assignment dates updated
New (January 17, 1997): Official outline added

CSC478 is the Computer Algebra course offered by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. The course instructor is Daniel Panario (, and the tutor is David Neto (neto at cs utoronto dot ca).


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Tutor's office hours

Tutorial notes

Homework notes

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You might also be interested in Scheme code and Ideal Turing code for quickly computing a^b mod n. I've included a quick runtime analysis as well.
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