University of Toronto
Steve Engels
Professor, Teaching Stream,
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto


Current Course Schedule

Steve's most recent course schedule can be found here.

Recent Courses Taught:

Past Courses Taught:

High school outreach

In addition to the courses that I teach at the University of Toronto, I have also been the high school liason for the department for the past several years, and conduct workshops and talks for high school teachers and students alike. Some of the topics that I teach here include:

  • Introductory Video Game Design
  • Project Management for Software Courses
  • Introductory Python
  • Introductory Java (Multimedia, GUIs, etc)
  • Game AI
  • Computer Science Unplugged
  • Nifty Assignments
  • ...and many others.

Computing Insights for Teachers

Computing Insights for Teachers (CIT) is an intensive one-week workshop to give high school teachers the tools to teach Java effectively. The workshop discusses examples and projects for high school computer science classes, including self-paced units, assignments, class exercises, and projects.