David Neto's CSC324 page

Updated November 18, 1996
New (November 18, 1996): Added link to my Java applet demonstrating mergesort -- source included. New (November 11, 1996): Added link to Introduction to Standard ML.
New (October 9, 1996): Added Scheme code for fast exponentiation.

This term, fall 1996, I'm a teaching assistant for CSC324, Programming Languages, at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. This course is being taught by Prof. Chechik; she has posted a syllabus and some lecture notes, homework, and solutions.

Over the term, I hope to post my code samples and solutions here. Stay tuned. There is also a CDF newsgroup for this course: ut.cdf.csc324h. There are already a few messages in it.

If you're really keen, you can visit my Java page. There you'll find information on the Java language, and a Java applet that I've written, source included. Note that Java won't be taught in this course, although it resembles C++ in some ways.

You may be interested in visiting my page about names, etc.
Here's a Quick Reference for Scheme. It is taken from the SCM distribution of Scheme. (link to follow later)
Here's some Scheme code for quickly computing a^b mod n. It is a fine (useful and non-obvious) example of helper functions. It also shows off the Scheme support for large number arithmetic.
If you want to learn ML, then read Introduction to Standard ML(gzip compressed Postscript, 136023 bytes) by Robert Harper. I took this from the ``doc'' part of the Standarnd ML of New Jersey v0.93 distribution. I haven't read it my self.
I've written a Java applet to demonstrate MergeSort. Full source code for the applet is available. Unfortunately, it isn't well-commented. It is written in object-oriented style -- one can't get around that in Back to David Neto's teaching page
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