PMU199: General Info


This page contains general information about the various details of the course.

In general, much of the information about the course is available from the course information sheet, provided in class. Below is a link to it, in PDF format:

Course information sheet

Class Location

Session Location Time
Lecture Bahen Centre (40 St George Street), room 2159 [map link] Wednesdays, 1pm - 3pm
Office Hours Bahen Centre (40 St. George Street), room 4266 [map link] Mondays, 12pm - 1pm


All deliverables are due at the end of the day on the due date specified. Lateness will only be accepted in extenuating circumstances, and only by clearing it with the instructor or TA ahead of time. See the Deliverables page for more details on what is required for the course.

The design blog is the major method of documenting elements of the course, but when files must be submitted for grading, they should be stored in a repository (DropBox, for instance), with a link to these files sent to the course TA account (


This term's project is to design a game that has a meaningful impact on the player. This game must be complete, unique and exhibiting the strengths of your group members.

Contact information

Instructor Steve Engels
Email sengels at cs dot utoronto dot ca
Office BA 4266
Phone (416) 946-5454
Hours TBA
TA Justin Park
Email pmu199ta at cs dot utoronto dot ca
Office N/A
Phone N/A
Hours TBA